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App: Set Up

On Apps landing screen, click on "Create App" from the "App" dropdown button to open the set up screen.

  1. Complete the set up form
  2. Click on save to complete the app set up
  3. From here user can follow the left navigation to go through the complete remaining sections including:

Please find the field definition for the Set Up App

App Platform *

iOS, Android, Windows , Web, Mobile Web and Third-party

App Name *

This is user defined name given to the app


This is the description given to the application

Registration Mode *

Please find the definition for all registration modes as followed:


User can login without identifying themselves by a password. If you have users authenticated against Linked IN or Facebook OAuth we can use their LI or FB token for uniquely identifying the user. Apps that bypass registration will use a random identifier to uniquely identify the user


User can register by using an email and password of their choice.


User can only access if he/she has been provisioned in the authenticating agency (LDAP or DB or SAML IDP) to register/login to the app. Non-existing users from these agencies will not be allowed access to the app


User can access when he/she has been granted access to the app from the app. Manage users link have access to this app


App’s registered user gets a 2nd system generated authenticating factor (delivered via email or SMS), which needs to be used on ALL login calls. The necessary notification templates need to be configured otherwise a system default is used


App's registered user gets a 1-time verification link to verify that the user is not a bot. This 1 time link is delivered via email or SMS. The necessary notification templates need to be configured otherwise a system default is used


Authentication Provider *

Here are the Authentication Providers:


HaloMEM in-built user store manages the user credentials


HaloMEM delegates authentication to an LDAP endpoint


HaloMEM delegates authentication to a SAML IDP, including the UI components


HaloMEM delegates authentication to NETSUITE


HaloMEM delegates authentication to HYBRIS5


HaloMEM delegates authentication to OAUTH2


Admin App

Select the admin app from the dropdown. Admin app is to link the current app to some other existing application;

Server URL

Server URL is the URL of the server where app is hosted;

App Key

This is a string combination of numbers and alphabets which generates a unique key for the app;


Select app category from the listed category or add new category if needed. Category is used as a way to sort/index the app based on various categories.

Example: Productivity, Healthcare, etc.