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Add New OAUTH Provider

To add new OAUTH, click on "Add New OAUTH Provider" button to open the Add New OAUTH Provider form

  1. Enter OAUTH provider Name
  2. Enter required fields for OAUTH provider set up
  3. Click on "Add Provider" button to save the new provider

Please find the definitions for the fields as follow


This will be the name defined by user for his/her reference

Client Id

The client ID is considered public information, and is used to build login URLs, or included in Javascript source code on a page.


The client secret must be kept confidential. If a deployed app cannot keep the secret confidential, such as Javascript or native apps, then the secret is not used


OAuth endpoints are the URLs you use to make OAuth authentication requests


This shows Resources

Grant Type

This shows Grant Type

User Info URL

This shows the User info URL of the OAUTH provider

Redirect URL

This shows the Redirect URI of the OAUTH provider

Logout URI

This shows Logout URL of the OAUTH provider

Auth Code URL

This shows Auth Code URL of the OAUTH provider

Allow Self Signed Certificate

This shows Allow Self signed certificate