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Add New Client Object

To add new client Object click on "Add New" button. Add New Client Object form will be open.

  1. Enter Client Object Name
  2. Enter Cache Duration
  3. Select Datasource and Datasources Object
  4. Map client objects from datasource object fields and/or custom field
  5. Click "Save" to add the client object

Or Click "Save & Add Notification" to save and go to add notification for the new client object.

Go to Add Notification for Client Object

Mapping Client Object Fields

Once the Datasource Object (DSO) is selected, all the DSO fields will be populated under “Unmapped Fields”

To map the field, user can:


On Mapped Fields table, user can:

User can also Add New Field into the Mapped Fields Table by clicking on the link Add New Field

If a mapped field is removed, it will be added back to the Unmapped Fields table.