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To add new OData datasource, complete the form then click on "Add Datasource" button to save the data configuration set up.

Please find the definitions for the fields as follow


Any name representing the backend business system data source


URL for the data source


User name for the data source account


Password for the data source account

Auth Protocol

This is an authorization protocol for OData source. HaloMEM uses NTLM 2.0 security protocol to communicate with the OData source

Allow Self-Signed Cert

This is allow self signed certificate

Client ID

This shows Client Id which is specific for data source type

Client Secret

This shows Client Secret which is specific for data source type

Response Type

Response Type can be either JSON or XML


This shows the scope of the datasource

Grant Type

This shows the Grant Type of the datasource


This shows Resources of the datasource

Odata Version

Select the Odata Version

Use App Token

Set the Use App Token value


This shows Description of the datasource